Race Report: Weekend of May 19th and NY Gran Fondo

NJBA Team Challenge and Tour of Syracuse
Saturday, 5/12 was the NJBA Team Challenge in Trenton which is a points race with sprint points on every 4th lap. The format is for five-man teams but Scott Hodder was the only entry for our team in the 35+ race and finished an impressive 4th place. Sunday was the Tour of Syracuse, and once again Scott Hodder brought home a solid placing at 5th in the combined 35/45+ masters race.

JerseyMan Duathlon
Mikael H did his first Du of the year (2m/20m/4m format) and was once again foiled by 2 very fast 20 something year old brothers from NJ (who have beat him for something like the 10th time over a 3yr span). He was 5th after the first run and moved up to 2nd on the bike (catching one of the brothers), but being nearly twice their age, he can’t quite seem to run those sub-6 minute miles on the 2nd run! Mikael finished 3rd overall.

NY Gran Fondo
Lucia D’s experience at the Gran Fondo: Continue reading

Reading a Race (Part 1)

Are you new to racing and don’t have a ton of experience to draw from? No worries, step one to reading a race is as simple as using Google maps! Whether a cyclist or triathlete, know the course and all of its nuances is the first step in achieving success on race day. For the bike racer facing a new event and course, the first step is to ask your team mates who have done the event for their insight (like we did with the fabled Battenkill road race). First hand knowledge of what you can expect will help you be better prepared. Will you need different gearing for the route (as I did for Berkshire)? How are the road surfaces? Are your lightweight race wheels advisable? If a crit or circuit race, how many corners? Are any greater than 90 degrees? And how far is the finish line from the last corner? Continue reading

The Importance of Rest

by Mikael Hanson, Enhance Sports

With the early arrival of spring, I have some observations to share. First, this was the earliest I can remember being able to ride outside with shorts on. Second, I logged more bike miles this January and February than ever before. Lastly, all this extra time on the bike so early in the year does take takes it toll to a body just coming off a winter break!

In my twenties recovery came easy and rest days, well those were few and far between and in my opinion for the weak minded. I used to become overcome with guilt for skipping a training day, even when I was sick and lived by the mantra that somewhere someone is training and when you meet them in competition, they will beat you. They say, with age comes wisdom. Continue reading

Race Report: Weekend of March 17th

This past weekend was a tad more quiet than last. The big news out of the Bethel Series was a horrible crash in the 3-4 race that ultimately ended in very tragic news, the death of Markus Bohler. Our hearts go out to him and those he leaves behind.

In the other races during the day, Cheryl Wolf took 8th as the only Rockstar Games rider in the women’s race which had about 40 starters. In the Master’s race, Rockstar had two racers in the top 10, with Joe Straub taking 5th, Brian Wolf in 7th. I did not get any results from the Cat 5 or Cat 4 races, but heard we had riders in both events.

Training Notes: Phase 1 – Base Training

by Mikael Hanson, Enhance Sports

With temperatures hitting the 50s and higher already in February, perhaps we are all thinking that winter has forgotten us this year as we begin to eye time in the saddle out on 9W. I have already been up to Piermont or beyond several times this year, and as much as I want to jump on that occasional train of riders flying past me at 28mph, I force myself to resist the urge, remembering that the calendar barely says February.

Sure, competing in the Sunday world championships a la the ‘Rocket Ride’ over in NJ seems like a great idea for these very non-winter like conditions, but there will be plenty of time to do that after you’ve spent some quality time in the saddle accumulating those all important BASE miles.

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Riding Indoors: Keeping it Fun in the Off-Season

by Mikael Hanson of Enhance Sports

Talk of college bowl games and NFL playoffs are always a sign that winter is around the corner. We can now look forward to sub-zero temperatures, blowing winds, and frequent snow flurries – thus it is easy to get depressed when considering your winter training options (unless of course you are a skier – but that is a story for another day). Yes, there is always the gym, but for a cyclist, time on the bike is of utmost importance. However as the weather deteriorates and darkness reigns, I find that many cyclists actually dread climbing on their indoor trainer, starting that riding indoors is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Perhaps these people suffer from a lack of imagination, as I for one look forward riding indoors. For those who would class themselves in the latter category (dread), there are several things one can do to make riding indoors more enjoyable.
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Better with age (or just smarter?)

By Mikael Hanson / Enhance Sports

Like a fine red wine or collectable antique car, there is another thing that can improve with age – the Endurance athlete. Whether we are talking about Lance Armstrong who left retirement to grab a spot on the podium at the Tour de France or Brett Favre throwing TD passes as a grandpa, athletes accomplish incredible things past the age of forty. Take myself: outside of bicycle racing, I’ve always been a very competitive multi-sport athlete, but I did not win my first race until I was forty-one and then did it again three more times when I was forty-two. How– By adapting my training as I got older. Continue reading

With Much Regret, Another Season Draws to a Close

by Mikael Hanson of Enhance Sports

If you are anything like me, the arrival of fall elicits mixed emotions. Sure, the turning of the leaves signals the much-anticipated start of the football season and the approach of another World Series, it also means the days are rapidly growing shorter and the morning air has that edge that can only mean winter is knocking on the door. While the month of October has many fine selling points, unless you are doing a fall marathon (God bless your souls!), late October means that yet another racing season is drawing to a conclusion and the reflection period can officially begin.

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