Reading a Race (Part 1)

Are you new to racing and don’t have a ton of experience to draw from? No worries, step one to reading a race is as simple as using Google maps! Whether a cyclist or triathlete, know the course and all of its nuances is the first step in achieving success on race day. For the bike racer facing a new event and course, the first step is to ask your team mates who have done the event for their insight (like we did with the fabled Battenkill road race). First hand knowledge of what you can expect will help you be better prepared. Will you need different gearing for the route (as I did for Berkshire)? How are the road surfaces? Are your lightweight race wheels advisable? If a crit or circuit race, how many corners? Are any greater than 90 degrees? And how far is the finish line from the last corner? Continue reading