Race Report: 7/17-7/22

Augusta Criterium Series, 7/17

Masters 45+: Glenn Babikian broke away on the second lap, soloed the rest of the race for the win putting 2 minutes into the field. Keith Hala and Joe Straub did their team duty by chasing down any bridging attempts and keeping the peloton in check. Keith won the field sprint and Joe took 4th. 1st, 2nd and fourth for Rockstar.

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Race Report: Weekend of 7/14-7/15

Weekend Results:

Brooklyn Gran Prix – Saturday, 7/14:

Brian, Steve Suto, Laurent G and Mikael H lined up in the 40+ race with over 90 riders. The pace was fun and fast, and it all came down to a highly contested field sprint. Brian was 11th, and Mikael, Steve, and Laurent were not far behind.

The women finally got their own race in Prospect Park (as opposed to being part of the masters field), in which Cheryl finished 5th. Aaron was in the combined Cat 4/5 race and finished safely in the field, narrowly missing a huge crash in the sprint. 

Race Report: Weekend of 7/7-7/8

Plenty of Rockstar riders in action and many races to cover!

Prospect Park, 7/7:
Aaron, Wilson and Laurent were in action in the Cat 4 race, which again had several KOM and Sprint points to be contested and Wilson gave everyone one of them a go! Race stayed together until last lap and strongman Aaron M was able to get a good line in the sprint and take 6th place.

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Race Report: Weekend of 6/30-7/1

Central Park race (CRCA and non-CRCA), 6/31:

A nice, long race in the park on Saturday that saw a group of Rockstar Cat-4s and a great showing in the women’s race. Mikael, Aaron, Wilson, Paul Y, Robert E, and Laurent lined up for the 7 lap Cat-4 race, which proved to be a nice, safe and fast Cat-4 ride! With sprints atop of Harlem hill every lap, the pace was high and opportunities to try a flyer abound!

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Race Report: Rapha Gentleman’s Race, 6/23/2012

HANOVER, NH – Signature Cycles sent a team up to the 2012 North East Rapha Gentlemen’s Race near Hanover, NH.  For those not familiar with the RGR, it’s an unsanctioned and for the most part, unsupported ride, that is historically off the charts in terms of difficulty. The team that finishes with the fastest time wins the race, but it only counts if you finish with your full team.  The ride, by nature, is a cooperative one – no one gets left behind.  The winners go home with some nice Rapha gear and glory.  There are teams of all men, all women, co-ed, tandems, and single speed.  While we did not see any single speed teams at the start, we did see one guy involuntarily become his team’s token single speed rider due to his derailleur lying in pieces on the road.

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