Race Report: Weekend of 8/18-8/19

Race Results – 

Propect Park Challenge, Brooklyn, 8/18:

The rain, which started the night before and continued into the morning, drove away many competitors from the Prospect Park Challenge. The Cat 4 and Cat 5 races were thus consolidated into one field of about 30 riders, and the race was reduced to 8 laps. The competition started a bit late, with nearly everyone wet before they even rolled off the line. Right off the bat, Paul Y broke away with two other riders, though they stayed only about 5 seconds in front of the pack for the first two laps.

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Race Report: Weekend of 8/11-8/12

Weekend Results:

Mengoni Grand Prix, Central Park, 8/11:

Brian W and Cheryl W raced in the Mengoni Grand Prix in Central Park on Saturday. Brian lined up with 100 Cat 3s, and according to him, he had a horrible race. The air at that time in the morning was very thick and humid. There were attacks from the gun, including a significant group of 12 that got away in the bell lap. Brian said that it came together right before Cat’s Paw and he was completely dehydrated and soaking wet and fatigued and rolled in with the field for 53rd. Cheryl raced with the 1-2-3 women’s field and finished 4th. Laurent was 23rd in the Cat 4 race.

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Race Report: Weekend of 8/3-8/5

Weekend results:
Over the weekend, Brian W and Cheryl W went down to the Bob Rodale Fitness Park in Trexeltown, PA, which is across the street from the velodrome. Cheryl lined up for the Women’s 1-2-3 race, which had racers from Poland, New Zealand and Scotland that were in the area to race on the velodrome and decided to do this race, too.
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