Better with age (or just smarter?)

By Mikael Hanson / Enhance Sports

Like a fine red wine or collectable antique car, there is another thing that can improve with age – the Endurance athlete. Whether we are talking about Lance Armstrong who left retirement to grab a spot on the podium at the Tour de France or Brett Favre throwing TD passes as a grandpa, athletes accomplish incredible things past the age of forty. Take myself: outside of bicycle racing, I’ve always been a very competitive multi-sport athlete, but I did not win my first race until I was forty-one and then did it again three more times when I was forty-two. How– By adapting my training as I got older. Continue reading

Race Report: Gran Prix of Gloucester

aka New England Worlds
Gloucester, MA
October 1 & 2, 2011

111008-rockstar-01As it turns out, racing as an Elite Woman is hard.

And yeah, anyone could have told me that. Heck, I knew that. But it doesn’t really sink in until, instead of vying for the win, I was looking over my shoulder, killing myself in an attempt to not get lapped by the British National Champion who was rampaging through the course.
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Race Report: Whirlybird Cyclocross

Sunday, September 25th
Bryn Athyn, PA

Whirlybird Cyclocross was a tough race this time around. The grassy course around the sports fields of Bryn Athyn College are manicured and well drained, but when the weather is a bit wet and a bunch people race their bikes across the grass, it gets soggy and slow. Some kinds of grass are hard to race on. The sensation is like a bit like riding in slow motion; for how hard you’re working, you feel like you should be going faster. Continue reading

With Much Regret, Another Season Draws to a Close

by Mikael Hanson of Enhance Sports

If you are anything like me, the arrival of fall elicits mixed emotions. Sure, the turning of the leaves signals the much-anticipated start of the football season and the approach of another World Series, it also means the days are rapidly growing shorter and the morning air has that edge that can only mean winter is knocking on the door. While the month of October has many fine selling points, unless you are doing a fall marathon (God bless your souls!), late October means that yet another racing season is drawing to a conclusion and the reflection period can officially begin.

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