Training Notes: Phase 1 – Base Training

by Mikael Hanson, Enhance Sports

With temperatures hitting the 50s and higher already in February, perhaps we are all thinking that winter has forgotten us this year as we begin to eye time in the saddle out on 9W. I have already been up to Piermont or beyond several times this year, and as much as I want to jump on that occasional train of riders flying past me at 28mph, I force myself to resist the urge, remembering that the calendar barely says February.

Sure, competing in the Sunday world championships a la the ‘Rocket Ride’ over in NJ seems like a great idea for these very non-winter like conditions, but there will be plenty of time to do that after you’ve spent some quality time in the saddle accumulating those all important BASE miles.

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2012 Racing Calendar

Announcing the 2012 racing calendar for Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles! You’ll see black, white, and pink jerseys at races all over the area. We have some members who focus primarily on CRCA races in New York City, while other members travel more to regional events.

We will be fielding full squads in all events at our headline race, the Harlem Skyscraper Classic presented by Rockstar Games, on June 17th, 2012.

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