Race Report: Whirlybird Cyclocross

Sunday, September 25th
Bryn Athyn, PA

Whirlybird Cyclocross was a tough race this time around. The grassy course around the sports fields of Bryn Athyn College are manicured and well drained, but when the weather is a bit wet and a bunch people race their bikes across the grass, it gets soggy and slow. Some kinds of grass are hard to race on. The sensation is like a bit like riding in slow motion; for how hard you’re working, you feel like you should be going faster. It’s a good course with some faster power sections, some tricky off camber turns, the namesake whirlybird feature (aka spiral of doom) and since there was some mostly unrideable mud on the course, a little bit of running.

Team Signature Cycles / Rockstar Games had a good showing throughout the day. Lucia Matioli raced the women’s 3/4 event earlier in the day, took sixth place, and moved up to third in the overall MAC standings. Joe Tramontano, Blake Bedoya, Charlie Walker and I raced the men’s 2/3/4 event, the last of the day. We ended up scattered through the finishing spots, nothing to write home about as far top placings go, but a good day out at the races nonetheless.