Race Report: Weekend of 8/18-8/19

Race Results – 

Propect Park Challenge, Brooklyn, 8/18:

The rain, which started the night before and continued into the morning, drove away many competitors from the Prospect Park Challenge. The Cat 4 and Cat 5 races were thus consolidated into one field of about 30 riders, and the race was reduced to 8 laps. The competition started a bit late, with nearly everyone wet before they even rolled off the line. Right off the bat, Paul Y broke away with two other riders, though they stayed only about 5 seconds in front of the pack for the first two laps.

That changed in the third. They upped the pace, and disappeared. One of the three riders fell off and drifted back to the group – it wasn’t Paul. He and his rival remained far off the front, having built an amazing 90-second gap by the beginning of the last lap. The two pulled and pushed at each other, dueling all the way down to the final sprint, where Paul’s excellent time trialing skills were not eclipsed by his sprinting ability. He crossed the finish just behind his opponent, in the pouring rain, for 2nd place overall – still nearly two minutes ahead of third place.

That third place finish went to Signature Cycles-NYC’s newest employee, Caffery, winning the field sprint and also taking first place in Cat 5.