Race Report: Weekend of 8/11-8/12

Weekend Results:

Mengoni Grand Prix, Central Park, 8/11:

Brian W and Cheryl W raced in the Mengoni Grand Prix in Central Park on Saturday. Brian lined up with 100 Cat 3s, and according to him, he had a horrible race. The air at that time in the morning was very thick and humid. There were attacks from the gun, including a significant group of 12 that got away in the bell lap. Brian said that it came together right before Cat’s Paw and he was completely dehydrated and soaking wet and fatigued and rolled in with the field for 53rd.┬áCheryl raced with the 1-2-3 women’s field and finished 4th. Laurent was 23rd in the Cat 4 race.

Tour of Fair Haven, 8/12:

Brian and Cheryl went to the Tour of Fair Haven in NJ on Sunday. Brian lined up with a large star-studded group of Masters 45+ and according to him, he finished a disappointing 14th place. Cheryl lined up with the women’s open and finished 6th.

Millersburg Stage Race, 8/11-8/12:

From Aaron M: “Easily the best race I’ve attended this year. If you’re not a climber then this is the race for you. The time trial was essentially flat with a power climb at the finish. The crit was classic, with four right hand corners throughout town and one power climb to mix things up. It was a blast with the pace kept high. The community support was great with lots of cheering and people lined up all over the course. The road race was equally awesome. Mostly flat with some rollers. Definitely a race that I’m planning to return to every year. As for my Cat 4 race, the competition for the crit was pretty weak and I was controlling it the whole time from the front. With no sprinters in the field, I should have had top three but my legs cramped up on the second to last lap. had to soft pedal to the finish for 8th place. More cramps the next day in the road race with 10 miles to go and had to get off the bike for 3 minutes and got dropped from the lead group (got 27th). Got 9th in the TT and 7th in the overall GC.

In the women’s 1-2-3 race, Emily U took 15th in the TT, 13th in Crit, 6th in road race and 9th overall. Stephanie B was 21st in TT and 24th in crit. Susan M was 24th in TT, 25th in crit, and 18th in road race for 22nd overall. In women’s 4 race, Lucia D was 5th in TT, 16th in crit, and 7th in road race for 7th overall.