Race Report: Weekend of April 7th

Augusta Training Series – Masters Race
• Keith Hala 1st
• Joe Straub 3rd
After a rather uneventful start of the race Joe Straub dumped some serious wattage onto the pavement to close down a breakaway that had formed in the last few laps. This set up Keith Hala for some easy sprinting to grab the win. Joe, after all that effort, still managed to hang on to 3rd.

Augusta Training Series – 1,2,3 Race
• Keith Hala 4th
• Joe Straub 7th
• Glenn Babikain 8th
Glenn Babikain rides just like Spartacus! He is constantly putting pressure on the peloton from the start but just like the real Spartacus (Fabian Cancellara) he is a marked man making it difficult for him to get away. A three man break did develop but unfortunately with out Glenn so the R star team went to plan B win the bunch sprint! After a nervous last 3 laps Joe and Glenn did an awesome job getting Keith to the sprint which he won! To bad the break stuck but the team won back a few dollars with his 4th overall.

Augusta series – 4,5 race
• Doug Allen 31st

Weekend Report from the Women’s Team
This weekend was one of highs and lows. High being that Lucia D and Courtney respectively placed 5th and 7th in the Cat 4 Women’s field at the Cherry Blossom Challenge in Newark, NJ. However, the low being that the field had quite a few shaky wheels, and as much as we tried to avoid the offending riders, Kristine was caught up in a crash that took down several riders. She had to get surgery this morning to set a displaced bone in her forearm, but she’s in good spirits and she’ll be going home today to recover. What a tough cookie!

The extended forecast looks good for weekend, so good luck to everyone heading up to Battenkill!