Race Report: Weekend of 10/13-10/14

Weekend Results

Putnam Cyclosportiff, Putnam, NY, 10/14 (from Mikael H):

What a course! This was one of the hardest 67mi rides I have ever done, and with my Suunto HRM telling me I needed 60hrs to fully recover from this epic event! It was literally the most hills I have ever ridden in one ride, with inclines crossing 10% and even hitting 15% several times!

Wilson and I were up there along with about 180 at the start. Pace was fast from the gun, and a tad scary on the narrow winding roads of Putnam county. After the first few hills at mile 6 and 11, it was clear Wilson was one of the stronger riders in the front group. By the time we hit the huge climb at mile 18, there was about 30 in the front group, and Wilson and one other rode off the front (but would come back). There was another re-grouping around mile 33 as the pack was forced to slow through the town of Brewster (church service recognition), but the steep climb at mile 37 cut the front group down to 10.

At this point, I was glad to be in the front group, but my legs were already fading fast! The huge 2-mile climb came at mile 45, and Wilson and Chad Butts went to the front and split the group in 2: Wilson, Chad and 2 others in front group, and me and 3 others dying in the 2nd group. My money was on Wilson to win, but on the next climb he broke a der cable and had to walk up the climb. He had to finish the day riding in either a 53×13 or 39×13! I would finish 7th on the day and Wilson somehow finished 15th even with his mechanical! Awesome ride and next season will move to May and likely be the UCI worlds qualifier (better get your climbing legs ready!). – M.H.


Uncle Sam Cyclocross GP, Troy, NY, 10/13 (from Peter N):

I raced the open/Cat 4, and the Cat 3/4 (with Blake B) fields both days. Saturday I did well, scoring a top 20 finish, and Sunday I nabbed 11th in the 4 field. I was losing a lot of position on the paved sections, but was running about 5th place most of the race on Sunday, until I got overtaken on the paved incline, where I had trouble getting my bike up to speed. The 3/4 races were more just for fun, since I was already too shot from the 4 field, but I managed to hang on with the lead group for the first lap both days. Blake did better, finishing 8th on Sunday. – P.N.