Race Report: Weekend of 9/22-9/23

Race Results

Kissena Fall Classic, Prospect Park, 9/22 (from Mikael H):

Myself, Wilson T, Teddy B, Aaron , and one of my NYU riders (Christian T) lined up for the Cat 4 race in Prospect Park on Sat. It was a smallish field as it competed with the CRCA race in Central Park. We had a simple race strategy – starting mid-race we were going to hit the hill hard with 2-3 riders at the front and try to eventually launch one of our riders off the front at the top. We hit the hill hard twice, but the Cat 4 field hung together as the speed on the downhill was slow! On the 4th lap, we did it again and launched Wilson off the front, who quickly bridged to a solo rider who had gone off the front. The two of them managed to stay away for a full lap before getting caught (right when I flatted).

 With two laps to go, three riders drifted off the front and before the Cat 4 field could pursue. They were neutralized as the Kissena field (holding their own championship race) caught them and passed, giving the three leaders a free and easy ride to the finish. Aaron would finish high in the field sprint as would Wilson, with Teddy right behind.  – M.H.


CRCA Mengoni Grand Prix, Central Park, 9/22 (from Nick L):

After a month off from racing due to a freak kickball hip injury, I was unsure about how I would hold up, but thankful for the 3.75 lap distance. There were only 19 guys in the men’s C Field, which made the race super disorganized – so much so that it was a bit twitchy. Anyway, I hung on for all of the many surges/attacks that were all clearly fruitless, because the 6 or so guys from Siggi’s were clearly looking for a sprint. After the last time over Harlem Hill, I attacked on the downhill but only made it as far as 96th street or so. I wound up for the sprint and was able to contest, but was blocked in on the left side. I managed about 10th spot. Overall a decent day of racing for the first race in about a month. – N.L.

In other races, Laurent G finished in field in the Cat 4 race, while Emily U was 6th and Stephanie B was 19th in the women’s race.


Charm City Cross, Baltimore, MD, 9/22-9/23 (from Lucia M):

Saturday Women’s elites race was fast and dusty! 6 laps with the “stariway-to-hell”, or so they call it, a super steep stair run-up, additionally with super high barriers and another set of planter barriers. I bit it on the first stairway run up-missed the top step and landed on my bike and my knees and thought I knocked a tooth out (thankfully I did not). I placed 16th, 3 seconds from 15th. I didn’t race sunday as I got bit by some bug and wanted to save my health for Gloucester. Gorgeous days for racing, though, and the fields were huge this year.  – L.M.