Race Report: Weekend of March 24

From the first installment of the Augusta Training Series at the Sussex County State Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ.  Joe Straub took the sprint in the Masters race with Keith Hala taking third. In the A race (Cat 1-3) Glenn Babikian sacrificed himself on the final lap to minimize a gap to the breakaway giving Joe a chance and ultimately 2nd in the field sprint which put him in 6th overall. Keith Hala, battling a stomach virus, finished in 10th. Glenn Babikian rounded out the scoring with a respectable 20th after his monster effort.

Next report comes from Cheryl Wolf, who along with Brian Wolf and Niel Suto represented Rockstar/Signature Cycles today at the memorial for Markus Bohler (the rider who passed away last weekend as a result of a crash in the Bethel race). Continue reading