Race Report: Weekend of June 2nd

Augusta Crits
After a few weeks of cancellations due to heavy rain and horse shows, the Augusta Crits resumed at the New Jersey State Fair grounds on a hot & humid Tuesday night. The Rockstar Games team pulled off an incredible feat in the Masters race by sweeping the podium for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!!! Glenn Babikian and Joe Straub did a great job controlling the race on Team Skylands home turf with Team Rockstar taking all the prime laps and setting up Keith Hala for the win.

The category 1/2/3 race started immediately following the Masters in the ninety degree heat. Storm clouds were brewing not only in the sky, but also on the pavement with an incredible pace from the gun. Breaks tried to develop but Joe, Keith and Glenn kept them in check. The wind started to pick up, the sky turned black, and lightning started to dance from the clouds. Citing safety, the promoters shortened the race to three more laps. Joe made a break but had difficulty in the wind that was gusting to over 50 mph!  For the last lap, everyone was back together, the rain was coming down in buckets, and Glenn was doing what he does best: driving a mean pace at the front and keeping every one at bay! This big effort set Keith up for another win after navigating a sketchy, rain soaked sprint. Glenn finished 5th, Joe 9th.

Killington Stage Race
This report is a bit late … five of the Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles ladies (Lucia Matioli, Luci Olewinski, Lucia Deng, Veni Ercegovic and Susan Myers) lined up with a strong Cat 3/4 field at the Killington Stage Race. While none of us managed to crack into the top 10, they had some very strong individual performances in each stage, persevered through a brutal race, and had a great team bonding weekend!